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Dog Spies

Would Your Dog Make a Good Cadaver Detection Dog?


Sitting on the couch, with your dog curled up by your side looking ever-so-peaceful, maybe you’ve been overcome by the thought, “Gosh, wouldn’t Banjo make the most perfect therapy dog!?” Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to being a therapy dog than many realize, reminds certified applied animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell in a recent article for [...]

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Dog Spies

The Dodo Resurrects the Dog’s “Guilty” Look


“I get it. Like you, I have known (and loved) dogs who have massacred pillows, invaded cabinets and made abstract art with toilet paper. I’ve felt confusion, disbelief, maybe even anger. And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spy the culprit with a downtrodden face, tail thumping on the ground. He knows [...]

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Dog Spies

How to decrease head cocking: Watch a dog behavior & cognition conference today

Nick Aldwin dog spies head cocked Square

When I tell someone that I study dog behavior and cognition, the usual response is a cocked head and a smile ranging from incredibly wide and excited to incredibly confused and unsure. They heard the word dog, and (unless they are someone like Farhad Manjoo of Slate) they would love to talk about dogs, and [...]

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