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Dog Spies

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Dog-Eared Reading (June 2014)


I had one of those ‘woe is me’ moments in September 2013, lamenting that on top of my personal dog-related To-Do lists there is so much dog-related reading to take in each month--much of it covering canine science research. It often feels like I'll miss something, and it can be difficult to keep up with it all.

To save you from this fate, here’s what you should not miss in June 2014:

Do Dogs Get that Eureka! Feeling?

Zazie Todd at @CompAnimalPsych

I Yawn for Your Love

Linda Case at @ScienceDogBlog

Service Animal Scams: A Growing Problem

Hal Herzog at @PsychToday @herzoghal

How Well Can Children Interpret a Dog's Emotional State?

Stanley Coren at @PsychToday

What the Pug is Going On?

Mia Cobb at @DoUBelieveInDog

Three Ways to Confuse a New Dog

Patricia McConnell at The Other End of the Leash

What Happens to the Animals Who Are Used to Treat People in Therapy?

Jason Goldman at @io9 @jgold85

Why Genetics and Dog Training?

Jessica Hekman at @dogzombieblog

‘Love Hormone' Has Same Effect on Humans and Dogs

Virginia Morell at @sciencemagazine @VirginiaMorell

Flashback Friday: Worst Scientific Job Ever? Doggy Breath Odor Judge

@srslyscience at @DiscoverMag

What were your favorite canine science articles or blog posts this June 2014? Did I miss anything?

Image: Nicholas Lee Max_090412_61s; Flickr Creative Commons License

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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