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Culturing Science

A Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Montana’s Natural History Museum


The University of Montana’s natural history museum in Missoula is the “largest zoological museum in Montana and one of the major zoological collections of the Northern Rocky Mountains,” according to its website. Its collections hold 14,500 mammalian specimens, 7,000 birds, 3,200 fish, and 320 reptiles and amphibians. However, it’s different than the typical ideal of [...]

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Where are the Women Science Creators on Youtube?

Click image to watch Joanne's Blood Cell Bakery Introduction

Many times I wondered this myself, and while I had the attention of the youtube infamous Hank Green of SciShow, I asked him in correspondence last year: “One last thing, while I have your attention. Have you noticed that there are so few women represented on youtube talking about science? It’s one thing that TV [...]

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