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I am one of the winners of a ScienceSeeker award!

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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The winners and finalists of the inaugural ScienceSeeker awards were announced yesterday, and I’m honored to announced that two of my posts were selected! I won Best Biology Post for The Narcissism of De-Extinction, which was published on this very blog, and was a finalist for best science-art post for Photos of Starfish Up Close: What Are You Looking At?, published at’s Surprising Science blog. Thank you to the judges and editors behind the awards and the site.

For the uninitiated: ScienceSeeker (a project of ScienceOnline) is a website that collects and filters science blogs. Anyone can submit a blog and, to date, there are more than 1,500. Each post is aggregated by topic on the main page, and editors select their favorites for each topic. It also serves as a citation manager for research-based posts, generating a clean citation that also gets pulled onto ScienceSeeker.

I wasn’t the only Scientific American blogger to be honored; check out the full list from blog editor Bora.

And all the other bloggers on the list, ones known to me and not, have fantastic reads honored. Please check out the full list, and especially (if I may) Rebecca Kreston of Body Horrors on the earliest known cases of AIDS, Aatish Bhatia of Empirical Zeal on how language shapes how we see the world–in color, and Virginia Hughes (the winner of the best post of the year) on the medical case of a woman who couldn’t stop sleeping.

Congrats again to everyone involved!

Hannah Waters About the Author: Hannah Waters writes about natural history and the way people think about nature. She lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, but really on the internet. Follow on Twitter @hannahjwaters.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. bodyhorrors 2:34 pm 05/15/2013

    Thanks Hannah! Congrats to you, the winners and finalists. Yay for science writing!

    Link to this

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