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Memorable links from the first half of 2011


2011 was an exciting, stressful, occasionally scary, and very fruitful year for me, personally and professionally. I hope you are all pleased with the way life treated you this year. And if not, there's always 2012!

Instead of reviewing my activities in the past year, I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you the blog posts and news articles from 2011 that I found the most memorable. Because there are so many, this post contains links from January through June. If I remember to do a part two, that list will undoubtedly be shorter because I started my current job in June and have had much less time for blog and news reading.

Browse, read, and enjoy. Glancing over this list, I think it probably tells you a thing or two about where my greatest interests lie.

AT&T Pretty Much Predicted 2011 in 1993

Kissing & the science of humanity

Lemur Week: Ringtailed Lemurs Look Where You're Looking

Hard Core

The Mathematics of Beauty

No love for outsiders – oxytocin boosts favouritism towards our own ethnic or cultural group

Stop using the word “Caucasian” to mean white

How the diabetes-linked 'thrifty gene' triumphed with prejudice over proof

Saturday Evening Rant, Iodine Edition

Are your Allergies worst in the morning?

Extra nipples – They’re just a matter of timing

Did Henry VIII have a blood disorder?

Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome

The danger of appealing stories: anecdata, expectations, and skepticism

Is Bigger Really Better?

Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try semen, says Surgery News editor. Retraction, resignation follow

The "Lesbian Until Graduation:" Now A New York Times Most Emailed Article!

That's Not a Dinosaur!

The Neuroscience of the Gut

Sucked Out Of A Plane?

Nervous Nellies

Reflections of Gotham: Why Do New Yorkers Wear So Much Black?

That (expletive) Semen-Antidepressant Study

Divided by language, united by gut bacteria – people have three common gut types

Nature's Living Tape Recorders May Be Telling Us Secrets

How peppermint may cool that irritable bowel syndrome

Superfetation: Pregnant while already pregnant

Sex on the brain: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness

Marketing food to kids with cartoon characters

Gut Bacteria Linked to Behavior: That Anxiety May Be in Your Gut, Not in Your Head

Mpemba’s baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold? (1969)

Bats Use Carnivorous Pitcher Plant as Living Toilet

Blue Lights Shown to Give a Brain Boost! But is a Better than Coffee?

Semen allergy suspected in rare post-orgasm illnessSite Meter

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