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Don’t Believe Scare Stories about Cyber War

graphic of soldier imposed on computer chip

For years, a friend I’ll call Chip, knowing my obsession with war, has been telling me: "Cyber War! That’s what you should be writing about! Real war is passé!" Chip keeps sending me stories about all the damage digital attacks do—or rather, might do, because as far as I can tell cyber war hasn’t claimed [...]

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Thousands of Industrial Systems Unwittingly Hooked Up to Internet

The computers that control large industrial control systems—the sewage plants, power stations, and assembly lines that keep civilization running—aren’t supposed to be online. Computers online tend to get hacked, of course, and you wouldn’t want your local power plant under rogue control. But a graduate student was able to locate and map more than 10,000 [...]

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Expert: A Virus Caused the Blackout of 2003. Will the Next One Be Intentional?

Streetcorner in Toronto, Ontario, during blackout of 2003

Kaspersky Labs isn’t as well known in the U.S. as Norton or Symantec, but the company is a major international provider of anti-virus tools. Its co-founder, Evgeny Kaspersky, is one of the world’s most prominent computer security experts. Recently he gave an interview to the German news magazine Spiegel about the future of cyber attacks [...]

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How to Know If Hackers Have Stolen Your Password

Whatever you may feel about independent "hactivist" groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec, they are good at what they do. In the past few weeks members of these two groups have claimed responsibility for a number of data theft incidents, including the recent theft of more than 1 million user names and passwords from the [...]

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