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Critical Opalescence

What Would It Mean for Time to Come to an End? [Video]

Could time come to an end? What would that even mean? Last month I gave a talk about this strange physics idea at a TEDx event in Trento, Italy, based on a Scientific American article I wrote in 2010. My conceit was that time’s end poses a paradox that might be resolved if time is [...]

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Critical Opalescence

George and John’s Excellent Adventures in Quantum Entanglement, Part 2 [Video]

The first time I ever saw quantum entanglement for myself was in August 2011 on a road trip to Colgate University. Goodness knows how many blog posts and magazine articles have been written about the quantum realm, invariably describing it as weird. But I’d never actually seen this supposed mind-blowingness with my own eyes, which [...]

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Critical Opalescence

Newly Published Einstein Writings Show the Prehistory of His Debates with Niels Bohr [Guest Blog]

For physicists trying to make sense of quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein’s thinking remains highly relevant. “This guy saw more deeply and more quickly into the problems that plague us today,” one quantum physicist told me. The latest volume of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, which contains Einstein’s publications, draft papers, letters, and scribblings from [...]

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Monday Music Video: An Epic Battle between Einstein and Hawking

Einstein vs. Hawking Epic Rap Battles of History

There is a fascination with famous scientists (for example, see today’s Google doodle about Marie Curie), and they come no more iconic than Albert Einstein. His recognizability makes him a logical choice to add to a science video in order to create one that might go viral. (You might remember my post about cute animals being [...]

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