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Roots of Unity

Mathematics+Fatherhood: an Interview with Darren Glass

Elliott, Darren, and Kay Glass in San Francisco. Image: Darren Glass.

Back in September, I published an interview with mathematician and mom Constance Leidy by mathematician and mom Lillian Pierce. It was part of a series of interviews for the Association for Women in Mathematics about how women balance motherhood with their mathematical careers. (You can find another interview in this series at Cathy O’Neil’s blog [...]

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Roots of Unity

Mathematics+Motherhood: An Interview with Constance Leidy

Mathematician Constance Leidy and her daughter. Image: Constance Leidy.

This is a guest post from Lillian Pierce, who has been doing an interview series for the Association for Women in Mathematics. Her series has focused on women who are balancing motherhood with their mathematical careers. I found her interview with Constance Leidy very interesting, and I am grateful to Drs. Pierce and Leidy for [...]

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