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Context and Variation

Bone Mineral Density Status: It’s Complicated

Femur_fibre_arrangement_for_strength wikimedia commons

Lady bones are delicate, selfless, dense connective tissue that hold lady bodies up to help the lady vessel carry babies. When we are pregnant, the thinking goes, lady bones give up their calcium in vast quantities, depleting themselves for the good of their darling fetuses. We ladies mostly replete this calcium between pregnancies. Then of [...]

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Bones Out of Joint – interview with Sean Craven & Holly Gilmour

Bone Collector by Holly Gilmour

Science-art can take us to surprising places. It’s not always the product of a lab or research, but the seeds of understanding can have a large impact on different facets of culture.  It’s one of the ways we know that science is woven into all of our lives, and not just kept in the gee-whiz [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

These skulls are for talking about

Bored? Looking for things to do? No, me neither. But have some fun and look at these skulls — then identify them (taking care to note your identifications in the comments below). And then… … see if you can go that extra bit further and say something especially interesting*, since there’s lots of neat stuff going [...]

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