"Star Trails over Aoraki" Lee Jaszlics

A few days ago I asked you to submit your best Nature & Science images from the past year, and wow- you did not disappoint!

Below, in no particular order, are links to all participants’ selections. If you have a “Best of 2013″ gallery and wish to be added, drop a link in the comments.

Tom Houslay

Jack Owicki

Sarah Boon

Ted MacRae

Bryan Reynolds

"Scorpion fluorescing under UV illumination" Jack Owicki

Talbot Brooks

Robley Hood

Devon Jerothe

Hadel Go

Nash Turley

"A Red Salamander (Pseudotriton ruber) sits on a submerged tree trunk in a bog at sunset." Clay Bolt

Nicky Bay

Joo Burini

John Beetham

Candace Lynn

Bill Rockenbeck

Troy Shantz

"Small Tortoiseshell" Matt Cole

John Troiani

Kathy Keatley Garvey

Thomas Shahan

Andy Warren

Gil Wizen

Meredith Mahoney

"An Atlantic sharpnose shark immediately before release" - RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program Frank Gibson

Kimberly Hosey

UK Wildlife 1 & UK Wildlife 2

RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program

Oscar Antonio Blanco

Dave Stone

"Lucilia sp." Oscar Antonio Blanco

Rick Lieder

Todd Pierson

Great Blue Herons

David Orr

Riccardo Polini

Clay Bolt

untitled, from Zen Mind, Material World

Zestin Soh

Vincent Fung

Sean McCann

Chris Goforth

Daniel Dye

"Turtle survey at Comal Springs, TX" Dant Fenolio

Matt Bertone


Matt Cole

Adrian Thysse

Seth Burgess

untitled, John Troiani

Brian Cutting

Dave Huth

Dante Fenolio

Zen Mind, Material World

Brian Silverman

"Planthopper nymph (Fulgoromorpha) displaying an explosive butt" Nicky Bay

Alan Kotok

Margarethe Brummermann

Lee Jaszlics

Singapore Nature

Chris Helzer

"Cottonwood leaves. The Nature Conservancy’s Kelly Tract, Nebraska." Chris Helzer

Daniel Stoupin (with backstory)

Adam Blake

Derek Hauffe

Tom Astle

Walter Sanford


"Bee Beard: Polish bee scientist Jakub Gabka" Kathy Keatley Garvey