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Show us your best science/nature images of 2012!

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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Red-eyed tree frog (Belize, September 2012)

I can tell from the requisite end-of-year retrospectives that 2012 must be stumbling to a close. The best of this, the worst of that, the most interesting of the people, the sexiest of the gadgets. Here at Compound Eye we’d like to follow the crowd by crowd-sourcing our own list.

If you are a science or nature photographer and you have made a Best-Of-2012 selection of your own work, blogged your best effort, facebooked your favorites, or otherwise reported your prime cuts in an online medium, share your link in the comments below!

Alternately, if Sci Am’s comment system is giving you trouble, you may email your link to me ( alwild -at- ) with “Sci Am 2012 Best” in the subject line.

The rules are as follows:

  1. The subject matter must cover a science/nature theme.
  2. The work must be your own.
  3. The content must be hosted publicly online – lone photos emailed to me won’t be considered.
  4. The content should be collected as a single “best-of” synopsis; examples- a flickr “My top photos of 2012″ gallery, or single blog post. I will not link general websites.

Once a sizable list has accrued I will curate your links in a new post. I know many of you are brimming with talent- I am excited to see your best!

Endangered cerrado habitat (Carrancas, Brazil, June 2012)

Alex Wild About the Author: Alex Wild is Curator of Entomology at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studies the evolutionary history of ants. In 2003 he founded a photography business as an aesthetic complement to his scientific work, and his natural history photographs appear in numerous museums, books and media outlets. Follow on Twitter @myrmecos.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. Neil Losin 11:35 am 12/26/2012

    Here’s our end-of-expedition gallery from Ibiza and Formentera, where we were capturing images for an upcoming photographic book about the Ibiza Wall Lizard:

    Link to this
  2. 2. twpierson 12:03 pm 12/26/2012

    Here is a collection of my best amphibian images of 2012, taken in the United States, Nicaragua, and China.

    Todd Pierson

    Link to this
  3. 3. gaurav1729 12:37 pm 12/26/2012

    Here is a set of my best photographs, insects spiders and nature:

    Link to this
  4. 4. TheBugGeek 12:53 pm 12/26/2012

    Here’s a few of my faves :)

    Link to this
  5. 5. JeroenMentens 1:42 pm 12/26/2012

    The best of Vilda (4 people in Belgium/Netherlands):

    Link to this
  6. 6. sparksphotog 2:46 pm 12/26/2012

    Here’s my gallery of my best bird, butterfly, and dragonfly photos of the past year.

    Link to this
  7. 7. michmarl 3:09 pm 12/26/2012

    Here are some of my favorite arthropod shots from ’12. Thanks, Alex!

    Link to this
  8. 8. Alex Wild 4:09 pm 12/26/2012

    Excellent contributions so far- here, via email, and on facebook. Keep them coming!

    Link to this
  9. 9. claybolt 4:14 pm 12/26/2012

    Some of my favorites from the Southern Appalachians including the little-known Mountain Squid…well…

    Link to this
  10. 10. nervous_jessica 4:49 pm 12/26/2012

    Here are a few of my favorite nature shots from 2012

    It’s a mixture of macro photographs: coral, lichen, ice and more.

    Link to this
  11. 11. LeaShell 6:03 pm 12/26/2012

    Here are some of my favorite nature shots from 2012 – subjects include insects, spiders, fungi, moss, flowers, galls, and lichen! Enjoy!

    Link to this
  12. 12. jplatt 6:24 pm 12/26/2012

    Here’s my favorite nature shot of this past year:

    Link to this
  13. 13. andres.snchz 11:13 pm 12/26/2012

    Here is my “Best of 2012″

    Link to this
  14. 14. bobskinner 11:29 am 12/27/2012

    Here are some shots from 2012.

    Link to this
  15. 15. mattcole 11:43 am 12/27/2012

    Hi Alex,

    Here’s my selection of my favourite images of UK macro from 2012:

    best wishes

    Matt Cole

    Link to this
  16. 16. JeroenMentens 3:19 pm 12/27/2012

    My top 10:
    The text is in dutch but the images speak for themselves :-)

    Link to this
  17. 17. nemertea 3:33 pm 12/27/2012

    Here are a few of my favorites from the year.

    Link to this
  18. 18. Harlan Ratcliff 7:17 pm 12/27/2012

    Here is my entry:

    Link to this
  19. 19. StefDeGreef 6:01 am 12/28/2012

    Here are my 12 favourite shots I took in Cambodia in 2012 for the Meet Your Neighbours Project :
    Stéphane De Greef

    Link to this
  20. 20. mjmahoney 12:58 pm 12/28/2012

    Here’s my Faves/Best of 2012 flickr set:

    Link to this
  21. 21. guillaumedauphin 1:16 pm 12/28/2012

    my selection for 2012:

    Link to this
  22. 22. Todd J. Dreyer 4:50 pm 12/28/2012

    My top 12 of 2012 from a backyard moth study.

    Link to this
  23. 23. ChrisVA 11:38 pm 12/28/2012

    And my top 12 insect photos:

    Link to this
  24. 24. BrianTC 1:24 am 12/30/2012

    Wow, some really great stuff posted here. Here’s my annual offering

    Link to this
  25. 25. wtyler 3:50 am 12/30/2012

    Here are a few of my favorites from 2012 – a mix of wildlife, macros, and landscape.


    Link to this
  26. 26. thebugchicks 11:46 pm 12/30/2012

    Can’t wait to look at all of these photos! We’ve put together some of our favorites. (We added one photo in here that is NOT good, but it was just too cool and had to be included.) Happy New Year everyone!

    Link to this
  27. 27. bernardo.cesare 8:06 am 12/31/2012

    Hi all,
    micROCKScopica is a different (micro) perspective on the natural world:

    I hope you like it. Comments are welcome.
    Bernardo Cesare

    Link to this
  28. 28. Just Al 10:55 am 12/31/2012

    All right, even though I usually don’t go for qualifying and making lists, you provoked me. My own page can be found at

    Have a good new year, everyone!

    Link to this
  29. 29. OscarBlanco 11:16 am 12/31/2012

    Some of my macro shots:

    Link to this
  30. 30. James.Waters 12:33 pm 12/31/2012

    My best ant iPhoneography of 2012 (and still using an iPhone 4!):

    Link to this
  31. 31. MorganJackson 3:15 pm 12/31/2012

    I compiled a few of my favourite photos and blog posts from 2012 –

    Link to this
  32. 32. hannes_f 4:56 pm 12/31/2012

    These are the best of my nature/science/geek photos from 2012:

    Link to this
  33. 33. DragonflyWoman 10:50 pm 12/31/2012

    Here is my contribution!

    Love that you’re doing this!

    Link to this
  34. 34. UK_wildlife 8:04 am 01/1/2013

    My best shots of 2012

    Link to this
  35. 35. setibarbara 8:24 pm 01/1/2013

    Here are some science and nature photos from 2012:


    Link to this
  36. 36. gentle lemur 6:02 pm 01/2/2013

    I’m afraid I’m rather late for this party, but I hope you may like one or two of these.


    Link to this
  37. 37. tomhouslay 7:12 pm 01/2/2013

    I promise next year’s will be better, now I’ve upgraded my camera and bought flights to Borneo..! :D

    Link to this
  38. 38. LisaZ 6:53 pm 01/13/2013

    That frog image is amazing!
    Here are 12 of my favorite images.
    Thanks so much for this prompt!
    Lisa from Ecuador

    Link to this
  39. 39. LisaZ 6:53 pm 01/13/2013

    That frog image is amazing!
    Here are 12 of my favorite images.
    Thanks so much for this prompt!
    Lisa from Ecuador

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  40. 40. BWBeacham 11:09 am 02/8/2013

    I did not get the email that your site indicated would come…

    Regardless, I wanted to submit a photo that I was lucky to catch of a Katydid…

    I hope that you folks enjoy this photo! BW Beacham

    Link to this

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