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But Seriously...

Space: The Private Frontier

Brian at SpaceX

Following up on the SpaceX launch videos I posted yesterday, I wanted to repost this video I made a couple years ago for In 2010, I visited the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. This was my second visit to their one-stop rocket factory, thanks to an old friend who works for the company. But [...]

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Life, Unbounded

Do Humans Have An Off-World Future?

A pair of space habitats on a giant scale (NASA)

Optimistic visions of a human future in space seem to have given way to a confusing mix of possibilities, maybes, ifs, and buts. It’s not just the fault of governments and space agencies, basic physics is in part the culprit. Hoisting mass away from Earth is tremendously difficult, and thus far in fifty years we’ve [...]

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Robot Rocket Knows When to Fly, When to Hover [Video]

When I was a kid, I spent an awful lot of time and money on model rockets. I loved the whole process—picking out which Estes rocket kit to buy, carefully assembling the thing, and, most important of all, igniting a solid-fuel engine to shoot a high-velocity projectile into the sky. The problem was, I would [...]

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