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Compound Eye

An interview with Bug Dreams’ Rick Lieder

praying mantis

In an age where insect photographers seem engaged in an arms race to produce the sharpest, most detailed, and most magnified images, Rick Lieder of Bug Dreams stands against the crowd as a uniquely impressionistic artist. His masterful use of natural light and composition makes his work instantly recognizable, and I’ve been dying to talk [...]

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Compound Eye

Meet Your Neighbours: Clay Bolt Talks About His Conservation Photography Initiative


If you’ve noticed a recent influx of the cleanest, whitest, prettiest nature portraits ever to grace the internet, you’ve probably seen the work of Meet Your Neighbours. MYN is an upstart program that unites photographers with local conservation groups. The project, co-founded by Niall Benvie and Clay Bolt and now including dozens of partners, generates [...]

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Compound Eye

Interview: Photographer Jim Reed on Hurricane Irene and Storm Chasing

Over the next few days Hurricane Irene will unleash a watery fury on the U.S. east coast. In turn, the media will unleash a torrent of images depicting Irene’s impact. Some of the most memorable photographs will be taken by this man: I caught up with weather photographer Jim Reed this morning as he was [...]

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