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The Artful Amoeba

Pirates, Charles Darwin, and One Very Un-Extinct Dodo


Any animated film starring pirates, Charles Darwin, and a dodo is going to be worthy of mention here, but Aardman Animations — of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run fame — has outdone itself with “The Pirates!: Band of Misfits”. I missed its theatrical run. But I happened to catch it recently and I think [...]

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But Seriously...

Happy Birthday, Charles and Abe!

Charles Darwin

Today, of course, is Charles Darwin’s birthday. What a guy!  He would’ve been 204 years old. It’s sad when they’re taken from us so young. Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard that Abraham Lincoln was born the same day – in the same year, 1809!  Big day for the human race! In 2009, I made this [...]

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Charles Darwin’s family tree tangled with inbreeding, early death

charles darwin inbreeding wedgwood child death

Charles Darwin‘s studies of heredity, adaptation and evolution included many experiments into the effects of crossbreeding and inbreeding in both plants and animals. Such consanguineous pairing often resulted in weaker, more sickly descendants. Ironically, his own lineage and marriage could have been experiments as well. At the age of 29, he proposed to his first [...]

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Running Ponies

Female Mimicry in Rove Beetles: How to Mate with Everyone at the Same Time on Dung


Last week a new species of rove beetle was described, almost two centuries after Darwin had discovered it in a little town on the coast of Argentina called Bahia Blanca. Along with a bunch of other insect specimens and some fossils, this little beetle was packaged up and shipped back to London, where it ended [...]

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Book review: Survival of the Beautiful

Sometimes all you have to do to make me buy your book, is think of a good title. Survival of the Beautiful by David Rothenberg definitely did the trick. “No one ever mentions the beautiful”, I thought when I took the book from its shelf in a London book store. Not when it comes to [...]

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