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Anthropology in Practice

One Year on the Scientific American Blog Network

I started writing AiP in 2009. I was writing for you, Readers, of course. But I was also writing for me. Why? Kate Clancy said it best, Blogging is a selfish endeavor, a desire to be heard. Blogging is insisting you have something to say. Blogging is saying come here, come here and respond and [...]

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Assignment: Impossible

The first anniversary of the Scientific American blog network!

Today marks the first anniversary of the Scientific American blog network! We’re all very excited by the response we’ve seen in the last year. Me and my colleagues want to hear today from you, our readers, following Ed Yong’s lead. Why don’t you introduce yourselves in the comments section? 1) Tell me about you. Who [...]

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But Seriously...

Happy Birthday, Charles and Abe!

Charles Darwin

Today, of course, is Charles Darwin’s birthday. What a guy!  He would’ve been 204 years old. It’s sad when they’re taken from us so young. Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard that Abraham Lincoln was born the same day – in the same year, 1809!  Big day for the human race! In 2009, I made this [...]

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SciArt of the Day: On the Brink


This week, the space probe Voyager 1 turned 35. In the years since its launch, it completed its mission to document Saturn and Jupiter and has continued on to the brink of our solar system. Now, it is poised to reach farther than any man-made object to date, exiting the solar system and entering the [...]

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Handprints on the Wall – 1st Blogiversary!


Woooo!  One year of science-art! It’s the Scientific American Blog Network’s 1st blogiversary, and it’s time to celebrate. Here’s a bit of what we were up to this past year: 106 posts, average 8.83 posts a month Featured 143 different artists (+/-), with links in our Scumble and Buzz posts to dozens more Artwork by [...]

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