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But Not Simpler

Pacific Rim Physics (Part 2): In a Nuclear Explosion Bubble at the Bottom of the Ocean

Credit: Warner Bros. Pitcures

Pacific Rim probably had a checklist. Giant robots with giant swords, guns, and rocket arms? Check. Giant monsters with giant claws, teeth, and acid spit? Check. And if all that rock ‘em, sock ‘em goodness wasn’t enough, the movie concluded with two massive nuclear explosions. One was so big that it literally turned a part [...]

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But Not Simpler

Pacific Rim Physics (Part 1): A Rocket Punch is a Boeing 747 to the Face

Screengrab Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

What better way to “cancel the apocalypse” than to use rockets to accelerate a million and a half pounds of steel squarely into an inter-dimensional monster’s face? Pacific Rim—a science fiction love letter to the giant monster movies of old—came out swinging two weekends ago amid the squees of geeks everywhere (though no squees were [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

The Tet Zoo Guide to Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero (Warner Bros/Legendary)... it might contain answers. It might not.

I don’t think I can put it off any longer. Episode 10 of the much-lauded TetZoo podcast – recorded just the other day and due to go live soon – made up my mind, as did the several science-themed articles about the movie published here at SciAm Blogs and at other science-based sites. Put simply: [...]

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