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But Not Simpler

Why You Should Envy, But Not Worship Sherlock Holmes

Image Credit: Hartswood Films

“You see but you do not observe!” Why would you envy a man who doesn’t know the names of all the planets, is a “high functioning” sociopath, and has no friends? Because Sherlock Holmes thinks in all the ways we wish we could. And we can, if we follow his brilliant, snarky lead. This January, [...]

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But Not Simpler

Could a Star Trek Villain Crush Your Skull? I Explain at Slate

Benedict Cumberbatch/Paramount Pictures

If you trekked into a theater in the last two weeks, you saw the latest addition to Star Trek weaponry: the genetically enhanced bare-handed skull crush. In my first for Slate, I take a look at what it would take to crush a human skull Cumberbatch-style. I have excerpted the first paragraph below:  Phasers, photon [...]

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