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Budding Scientist

Here a Henge, There a Henge: Astronomy Fun on a Street Near You

Manhattanhenge, by EffingBoring via Flickr

Invited Guest Post by Evelyn Lamb (@evelynjlamb) Later today the setting sun will align with Manhattan’s street grid to produce a striking phenomenon dubbed “Manhattanhenge.” Taking its name from the more famous Stonehenge in England, where the sun rises over the prominent Heel Stone on the summer solstice, Manhattanhenge happens twice a year, once about [...]

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Dog Spies

Being Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend


Let’s pretend you and I meet at a ‘Spring is finally here!’ potluck in the park. You: Hi! Me: Hi! After exchanging niceties about your horrible subway ride (mine wasn’t so bad), you mention you work in (fill in the blank), and we chat about how crazy (fill in the blank) has become. You ask [...]

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Illusion Chasers

The Storytelling of Science

Neil deGrasse Tyson stole the show when he did a striptease to reveal his “A Starry Night” undershirt

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Can Cosmos Get People Talking about Science Again?


So much has changed in space since Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series first aired in 1980. We discovered dark energy (but still have no clue what it is). We launched the space shuttle and built a football field-sized space station in orbit. We’ve found about 1,000 exoplanets orbiting other stars. What hasn’t changed, the producers [...]

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Plugged In

Dark Energy, Dark Universe


Last week, I was delighted to visit one of my favorite places in NYC, the American Museum of Natural History. Over a decade ago, I served as a Fellow with the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, and it stands out as one of the best ‘jobs’ I’ve had. You cannot run out of things to [...]

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Roots of Unity

Here a Henge, There a Henge: Astronomy Fun on a Street Near You

Manhattanhenge. Image: Flickr user EffingBoring.

I am traveling for most of July, so I hope you enjoy this post from the past, which originally appeared on the Budding Scientist blog on July 10, 2012. Last summer I was living in New York for the first time, and I was super jazzed when my roommate told me about Manhattanhenge. It turns out, [...]

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‘Cosmos’ and ‘Your Inner Fish’ Pack the 1-2 Punch


Two weeks from today, on April 9th, PBS will air the first of a three-part series adapted from Neil Shubin’s popular book, Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year-History of the Human Body. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re built the way we are – with five fingers on each hand, testes that hang [...]

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