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Budding Scientist

Encouraging More Minority Girls to Code

Kimberly Bryant grew up in a single-parent family in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee. Her career choice – electrical engineering – was an unconventional one in her community, but she found a role model in her older brother, a video game enthusiast whom she followed into an engineering major in college. After graduating from [...]

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Food Matters

Artificial intelligence reduces perturbation and disturbance related to table d’hôte

The Falling Walls Festive Dinner of 2013 debuted the "artificial intelligence" menu planner from the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York City.

Note: In the spirit of creativity, I’ve written this blog post in the style of an academic article. It is clearly not a true academic article. However, all of the information is factual and based on interviews with attendees of the 2013 Falling Walls conference and the creator of the artificial intelligence menu planning system [...]

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Ada Lovelace Day-Meet the founder of Bioinformatics, Margaret Dayhoff

Ada Lovelace Day allows us an opportunity to highlight the work of women in science. Today I’d like you to meet a pioneer in the field of bioinformatics, Margaret Dayhoff, a visionary who: created the first computer program to analyze molecular data created the single letter amino acid abbreviation developed the first public molecular database revolutionized [...]

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