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Get your own earthquake sensor, and other temblor tips


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If you live anywhere between North Carolina and Connecticut, chances are you felt the earth shake a couple of hours ago. If you have kids, they are probably asking you lots of questions--or will be, soon. Here are some resources to help you answer them, adapted from the blog of the National Science Teachers Association:


USGS: Earthquakes for Kids

Yahoo Kids! Plate Tectonics Page

Scholastic: Reading the Richter Scale

CBS News: How Earthquakes are Measured

Scientific American: Seconds Before the Big One – Progress in Earthquake Alarms

MSNBC: How Quake Prediction Works (or not)

USGS Earthquake Science Explained (10 articles)

Earthquake Teaching Resources


To get more involved, join the Quake Catcher Network, a citizen science project based at the University of California, Riverside, and get your own earthquake sensor:


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