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ferris jabrWelcome to the new Brainwaves blog. I am an associate editor at Scientific American, where I assign, edit and write articles for the magazine and website, mostly about neuroscience and psychology. I also frequently edit and write articles about health, biology, evolution and animal behavior.

Here at Brainwaves I plan to focus on the brain and mind, but I expect I'll end up telling all kinds stories about science and the natural world. I am also interested in how science intersects art and popular culture.

Coming up, a series on Brainwaves called "Know Your Neurons," which will explore the great diversity of brain cells in the animal kingdom. Science journalists - this one included - often write about "neurons" as though only one kind of brain cell exists. But there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of distinct types of neurons with unique structures and functions.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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