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Leafy Green ‘Solar-Powered’ Sea Slugs Begin to Reveal Their True Colors


Nature is full of thieves. Instead of laboriously collecting pollen and nectar from flowers, robber bees raid the hives of other pollinators and steal the honey within. Some ant species routinely kidnap and enslave members of neighboring colonies, taking tens of thousands of pupae in a single season. And massive-winged frigate birds—also called pirate birds—swoop [...]

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Running Ponies

Top Ten Strangest Animal Moments of 2013


It’s been a good year for strange animals. Which is something you could probably say about every year ever because animals are strange. So here’s my Top Ten Strangest Animal Moments of 2013, ordered from most strange to slightly less strange. Most lists go the other way and end on a high note, but when [...]

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Running Ponies

Monsters in a barrel, sea slugs and the art of (man-o) war

Because I’ll never grow tired of seeing incredible footage of sea creatures, here are a few of the best ones I’ve seen lately. First up, a video by a group called Coral Morphologic, which is an art-science project led by James Cook University-educated marine biologist Colin Foord, and American musician Jared McKay. “With the aquarium [...]

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