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Not bad science

How do you hibernate at room temperature? Eating ants might be the answer


Eran Levin is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona, and has previously written for my blog on the topic of how blacklighting works. Here he shares some of the work he did over his PhD on and intriguing system- bats that can hibernate at room temperature, how they might do it, and what [...]

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Hibernating black bears suggest new paths for tissue preservation [Video]

hibernating black bear slows metabolism without lowering body temperature

Some mammals have an attractive solution for coping with long winters—sleep through them. Black bears (Ursus americanus) for example can hibernate for five to seven months of the year, going without food and water or the light of day. Fat loss and perhaps a little grogginess aside, when they emerge from their dens in the [...]

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The warm, fuzzy side of climate change: Heftier marmots

marmot that has gotten bigger with climate change, longer summers

While polar bears flounder in the face of shrinking ice floes, another furry creature has gotten a boost from climate change. In the past three decades yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris) have been fruitful—and multiplied—thanks to longer summers, according to a new study. In the Rocky Mountains, these marmots usually hibernate for seven to eight months [...]

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