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Michael Chwe Responds to Miss Austen

The following is written by Michael Chwe, associate professor of political science at the University of California Los Angeles and author of the recent book Jane Austen, Game Theorist Dear Miss Austen, It is an immense honor to be addressed by you.  However, I worry that the letter addressed to me was written not by [...]

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Jane Austen Responds: Game Theory? Sir, You Flatter Me

Dear Mr. Michael Chwe, It is with a mix of delight, embarrassment and confusion that I have watched people analyze and adapt my novels all these years. Cassandra often hears of the latest developments before I do and takes great pleasure in bringing me tidbits of gossip. When she floats towards me with more enthusiasm [...]

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Let’s make a deal: Revisiting the Monty Hall problem

"Charles Sanders Peirce once observed that in no other branch of mathematics is it so easy for experts to blunder as in probability theory." Thus began an article in the October 1959 Scientific American by the celebrated math columnist Martin Gardner. In fact, as John Allen Paulos observed in last January’s issue ("Animal Instincts" [Advances]), [...]

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