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Beautiful Minds

Introducing Beautiful Minds

kid on playground

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. By the age of three, I had already suffered from twenty-one ear infections. As a result, I developed “Central Auditory Processing Disorder,” which made it very difficult for me to process auditory input in real time. For much of my youth, I felt as [...]

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Talking back

A Little Hard Science from the Big Easy: Temple Grandin’s Brain and Transgenic Sniffer Mice

A few random personal picks from the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in New Orleans, which ended Oct. 17: Inside Temple Grandin’s Head Oliver Sacks, HBO and others have chronicled the life of autistic savant Temple Grandin. The unique patterns of thought produced by Grandin’s brain enabled her to design now-ubiquitous methods to treat cattle [...]

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