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Beautiful Minds

Talent on the Sidelines: The Widening Gap in Excellence

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An alarming report on the current state of excellence in the United States has been released today. The conclusion of the report “Talent on the Sidelines: Excellence Gaps and the Persistence of America’s Permanent Talent Underclass” is that the United States is relying on less than half of its talent, with large percentages of our brightest students [...]

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Food Matters

“You’re Welcome.” How The Soda Industry Celebrated Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

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September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. As it comes to a close, let’s take a look at how the beverage industry, one of the single most significant contributors to childhood obesity, addressed the issue during this time of reflection and learning. The industry’s spin machine trade group, the American Beverage Association (ABA), kicked the month [...]

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Talking back

When It’s Brains, It Pours ($$$$$): Obama’s Big (Neuro) Science Project

It was an anti-climax: the President of the United States clocking in after The New York Times had already spilled the beans about his big brain program, a centerpiece of the administration’s second-term, legacy-making efforts in the science arena. After the Times article, everyone had, for weeks, written, speculated, chewed over and made preparations for [...]

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Talking back

Gun Control: Searching Down Under for Change to Believe In

Barack Obama talked on Sunday night about how the children who died in Newtown could have been from Anytown America. His words hit a resonant chord. Both of the given names of my two kids—Benjamin and Madeleine—were mentioned among the list of the dead children. “Madeleine,” spelled the same way as my daughter’s name, not [...]

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