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Beautiful Minds

What Do IQ Tests Test?: Interview with Psychologist W. Joel Schneider


W. Joel Schneider is a psychologist at Illinois State University, dividing his time equally between the Clinical-Counseling program and the Quantitative Psychology program. He also runs the College Learning Assessment Service in which students and adults from the community can learn about their cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. His primary research interests lie in evaluating psychological evaluations. He is [...]

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Beautiful Minds

Finding Creativity on IQ Tests

Cartoon Test taker

When I was a little tyke, my school psychologist told my parents that I was one of the most creative test takers he’d ever seen, but that it was a darn shame he couldn’t give me any points for being so creative on the IQ test. Instead, he shipped me off to a special school [...]

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Beautiful Minds

In Defense of Intelligent Testing


I recently published a book called Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined. With a title like that, you’d think the book is one big anti-IQ, anti-testing manifesto. It isn’t. While the IQ test certainly has a less than pretty history of abuse and misuse, we can learn a lot about a child’s educational needs through the responsible use of intelligent testing. A [...]

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