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Beautiful Minds

Can Cognitive Training Make You Smarter?: Interview with Author Dan Hurley

dan hurley

Dan Hurley is one of my favorite science journalists. Not only does he write about issues that interest me, but he doesn’t sacrifice the nuance, or the humor. Dan’s popular feature in The New York Times Magazine, “Can You Make Yourself Smarter?” brilliantly presented multiple perspectives in the cognitive training debate. In his latest book, [...]

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Beautiful Minds

Working Memory and Fluid Reasoning: Same or Different?

Brainy woman

In 1990, researchers Patrick Kyllonen and Raymond Christal found a striking correlation. They gave large groups of American Air Force recruits various tests of working memory, in which participants performed simple operations on a single letter. For instance, in the “alphabet recoding” task, the computer briefly displayed three letters: H, N, C Followed by an [...]

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