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Beautiful Minds

Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up?


Quick Quiz: Which of the following are signs of introversion? Highly sensitive Deep Thinker Reflective Introspective Negative emotions Socially Anxious Defensive Vulnerable Always prefers solitude over social interaction Answer: Not a single one. Introversion is one of the most misunderstood dimensions of personality. Many people are not aware that the original definition of introversion, as [...]

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Beautiful Minds

Creativity in the Brain


What’s going on in the brain when we reason, create, and imagine? A group of thoughtful cognitive neuroscientists have been unraveling some of creativity’s mysterious origins (see “The Real Neuroscience of Creativity” or the recent edited volume “Neuroscience of Creativity”). What has become clear is that the left brain/right brain distinction is an oversimplification, and [...]

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