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Beautiful Minds

The Controlled Chaos of Creativity


Fifty years ago, Sarnoff Mednick defined the process of creative thinking as “the forming of associative elements into new combinations which either meet specific requirements or are in some way useful. The more mutually remote the elements of the new combination, the more creative the process or solution.” Mednick argued that creative people have flat associative [...]

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Benoit Mandelbrot (RIP) and the quest for a theory of really everything

Benoit Mandelbrot

The passing of the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot has triggered in me a wave of nostalgia for the 1980s, when Mandelbrot and other researchers seemed to be creating a scientific revolution. They hoped that sophisticated new mathematical techniques, plus increasingly powerful computers, could help them fathom a wide range of complex, nonlinear phenomena—from brains and immune [...]

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Roots of Unity

MoMA to MoMath: a Mathematician’s Picks for Art in New York City

A sculpture made of matches from the Compounding Visions exhibition by Trevor and Ryan Oakes at the Museum of Mathematics. Photo: Adriana Salerno.

I was in New York City earlier this month, and in addition to finally having an excuse to ride the Staten Island Ferry (I gave a talk there), I managed to make it to a few of the excellent museums in the city. I don’t go to art museums to try to find connections with [...]

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