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New Astronauts Face Limited Opportunities for Spaceflight [Video]

NASA announced on Monday its 2013 class of astronaut candidates, but the current state of the agency’s human spaceflight program makes it hard to get excited about what lies ahead for these remarkable individuals. To mark the announcement, NASA hosted a Google Hangout on Air with several administrators and former astronauts.   After sifting through [...]

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NASA Getting into the Asteroid-Moving Business

Sen. Bill Nelson and the Orion capsule

Dissatisfied with the current state of the solar system, NASA is looking to do a little remodeling. The space agency is angling to capture a small asteroid and drag it closer to Earth for human exploration, the Associated Press reported April 6. The Obama administration’s proposed budget for 2014 will include $100 million to kick [...]

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Forget Asteroids—Send a Manned Flyby Mission to Venus

Wikimedia Commons NASA/Image processing by R. Nunes

  Recently, I received a press release from the American Museum of Natural History on their excellent exhibit about the future of space exploration. I did a quick word search: “Mars” got 14 hits; “asteroid” 12; “moon/lunar” 11; “Europa” and “Jupiter” a total of four. A check of “Venus” came up empty. Considering that all [...]

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NASA’s Orion is Taking a Journey to Mars

NASA's Orion Spacecraft

NASA is making plans to send humans to Mars. To do that, they need a very special spacecraft that can handle the harsh conditions of the trip and protect everything on board. This craft is Orion. A flight test of Orion WITHOUT humans is planned for early December 2014. NASA released a video today describing [...]

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