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A homesick astronaut on Mars

Earthrise from the moon

There are going to be plenty of technological and physiological hurdles to jump before we land the first astronauts on Mars. But once they’re safely on their journey, another kind of challenge may rear it’s head. What happens when you can no longer see Earth? Even the quickest Mars trip is going to be long. [...]

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Basic Space

Want to go to Mars? Dennis Tito will take you there…

Computer generated image of Mars at daybreak. Credit: {link url=""}NASA/JPL-Caltech{/link}

…as long as you’re part of an older, married couple with amazing mechanical skills, great long term resilience, and relaxed attitude towards being exposed to high levels of radiation. Storify of today’s Inspiration Mars press conference: [View the story "Want to go to Mars? Dennis Tito will take you there" on Storify] Want to go [...]

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What a fake Mars mission says about our own sleep habits

On 'Mars'. Credit: {link url=""}ESA/IPMB{/link}

On 4 November 2011, six men emerged from a windowless capsule based on the site of the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow, Russia. They had been inside their spaceship for 520 days, enough time to (optimistically) go to Mars and back. They carried out the same kinds of activities and experiments that any astronauts [...]

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Live Chat at Noon Today on Dreams of Other Worlds and NASA’s Next Mars Mission

Robotic exploration of space is fascinating, complex and quite important to our understanding of the universe. To learn more about how scientists and engineers overcome challenges of robotic space exploration for successful data collection, join us for a live chat today (Tuesday, October 29) at noon EDT with Chris Impey, astronomer and author of Dreams of [...]

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