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Night in space

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Cancel your plans for the next three minutes and forty nine seconds and watch this video instead.

I never normally post time lapse videos on their own, but this video of views from the International Space Station at night, made by Knate Myers, has just become my new favourite.

It is made up of photographs taken from the ISS and set to music from the film Sunshine. If you haven’t seen the film that is well worth a watch too. (If can suspend your disbelief at a team of astronauts having to re-ignite a dying Sun. But you’ll want to, trust me.) The music fits perfectly.

Bonus: remember that Earth from space time lapse from late last year by Michael Konig? Someone set that to the Sunshine soundtrack too. Enjoy.

(“View from the ISS at Night” via io9)

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  1. 1. Big Mama Roneck 4:46 am 07/21/2012

    Oh Wow.

    Link to this

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