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Scientific American’s Latest E-Book Takes a Look Back at the Best of 2012

It’s hard to believe that 2012 has come to a close. Lucky for us, the year saw some amazing science, and in this eBook, we’ve compiled Scientific American’s best stories of 2012 with an eye on content, authorship and news value. Section 1 kicks off with some award-winners. First up, SA editor Katherine Harmon’s story [...]

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Roots of Unity

12 Things I Had Way Too Much Fun Writing This Year

A knitted (5,15) torus link. Image: sarah-marie belcastro.

It’s the season for family, hot chocolate, and year-in-review lists. Guess which one this is! Roots of Unity has been around for two years now, and I’m so glad I have a place to share some of the weird and wonderful math I think about. In chronological order, here are 12 of my favorite posts [...]

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