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Awe and Wonder at Google Zeitgeist

Scientific American Science in Action winner Elif Bilgin, 16, of Istanbul, Turkey, tells the audience about how she turned banana peels into bioplastics for her Google Science Fair entry. Credit: Google

One of the great privileges of my job—and, indeed, of any job that is somehow related to science and technology—is that it comes with regular infusions of wonder at what humanity has been able to do through the use of that process we call “science”: It is fundamental to how we learn about the way [...]

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Surf Switzerland on World Oceans Day

Today—June 8—is World Ocean Day. Like Earth Day, it is meant to draw attention to issues that threaten ocean health and sustainability. What can you do? Well, for starters, avoid eating fish that appear on any red or yellow “do not consume” lists. Pick up trash when you’re walking along the shore. And celebrate the [...]

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