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Awe and Wonder at Google Zeitgeist

Scientific American Science in Action winner Elif Bilgin, 16, of Istanbul, Turkey, tells the audience about how she turned banana peels into bioplastics for her Google Science Fair entry. Credit: Google

One of the great privileges of my job—and, indeed, of any job that is somehow related to science and technology—is that it comes with regular infusions of wonder at what humanity has been able to do through the use of that process we call “science”: It is fundamental to how we learn about the way [...]

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Advert Informs that Dmitri Mendeleev Knew the Science of Perfect Vodka

Dmitri Mendeleev (Wikipedia)

I just viewed an advertisement released last month from Russian Standard Vodka that claims its product is ‘The Convergence of Science and Nature’. In just over three minutes, it tells us the story of Mendeleev and a few other tidbits of science fact to convince us this is so, along with impressive visuals. This cinematographically [...]

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