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Scientific American at the World Economic Forum in Davos [Video]

Mariette DiChristina at World Economic forum

Since 1845, Scientific American has covered the innovations that sit at the nexus of science, business and policy. In its early years, as the Industrial Revolution swept across the U.S., our pages were rife with the focus and expectation that human’s inventiveness would ease humankind’s labors and improve the world. Today, with a global population [...]

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National Robotics Week to highlight the past, present and future of robot research

robot, Asimo, Honda

More than eight decades after Westinghouse Electric Corp. introduced Televox—a crudely conceived humanoid that could answer the telephone and route calls—robots finally have a week out of the year that they can call their own. In addition to celebrating how far robots have come from their humble beginnings as strictly mechanized labor, National Robotics Week [...]

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