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A Hangout IN Air–Off a Cliff Face–for Science


When I last did a Google Science Fair Hangout On Air with Jason Osborne and Aaron Alford, founders of Paleo Quest, they were diving in a swamp looking for fossils. Yesterday, they took their fossil quest to new heights, rather literally: this time, they hung on ropes off the side of a cliff for a Hangout IN Air: Fossils in the Sky. The ocean fossils there may include samples from sharks and marine mammals like whales. (Love whales? Help scientists understand their vocalizations by participating in our citizen science project Whale.FM.) During the Hangout

Scientific American is a founding partner of the Google Science Fair, and annually awards a $50,000 Science in Action prize.

Thank goodness no scientists were harmed in the making of this video! Below the video embed of our Hangout, I share some photos from our go-anywhere, do-anything duo.


Jason Osborne's phone, rigged to run the Google Hangout On Air. Credit: Aaron Alford
Aaron Alford rappelling during Google Science Fair Hangout On Air. Credit: Jason Osborne
Jason Osborne on cliff face during Google Science Fair Hangout On Air. Credit: Aaron Alford
Jason Osborne rappelling, running Hangout On Air with phone, and looking for fossils. Credit: Aaron Alford.

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