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    From the editorial staff of Scientific American, this blog delivers a behind the scenes look at new product launches, events, site enhancements and editorial improvements.

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  • 15 Surprises about Scientific American


    Scientific American’s parent company, Macmillan Science & Education strives to be both a place where curious minds gather together to achieve great things for our customers—and where we can, working together as a company, be more than the sum of our parts. Scientific American serves science enthusiasts, scientists, business leaders, policy leaders, educators and students [...]

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    Scientific American Video: We’re Huge in Hungary

    screenshot from video "What Happens to Your Body After You Die," with Hungarian subtitles

    In early January, Scientific American editor Mark Fischetti noticed that our video “What Happens to Your Body after You Die?” had 466,000 views on YouTube. Well, now it has more than 989,000. Holy cow. At first, we had no idea what was happening, but it struck us that maybe we should investigate what, indeed, was [...]

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    A New Vision for Scientific American’s Blog Network

    Blogs have been part of the media ecosystem for more than a decade now, but news outlets are still wrestling with how to best incorporate them into their operations. Dave Winer, one of the medium’s pioneers, once defined a blog as, “the unedited voice of a person.” Further to that, he argued: “If it was [...]

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    A New Way to Share Articles—and Help Advance Science

    ReadCube enables content sharing from

    Paging through some old Scientific American scrapbooks recently, I found this gem from Gerard Piel, a past publisher, in a 1958 article: “Science moves forward in little jumps with small accretions to the total body of knowledge. But its progress is motivated at every step by the larger questions in which all men have a [...]

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    Scientific American Online Now Speaks Spanish


    In 1845, when Scientific American was founded, the name was aspirational for a young country in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Before the 1800s were out, however, it launched an edition in Spanish. Although that early effort disappeared for some decades, today we have an edition in Spain—along with translations into 13 additional languages. [...]

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    Scientific American Science in Action Winner Kenneth Shinozuka

    Kenneth Shinozuka, 2014 winner of the Scientific American Science in Action award, powered by the Google Science Fair. Credit: Google Science Fair

    It’s no secret to Scientific American readers that we feel a special obligation to support the next generation of science enthusiasts, whom we hope to inspire both with our science coverage and our education initiatives, including the Scientific American Science in Action Award, powered by the Google Science Fair. The awards event was held a [...]

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    Particle Physics Informs the Ultimate Questions

    Editor’s Note: Author and Fermilab Senior Scientist Don Lincoln is set to teach “Mysteries of the Universe” from October 13 – 24 for Scientific American’s Professional Learning Program. We recently talked with Dr. Lincoln about why he became a physicist and his motivations to share what he discovers. When I was a young boy, I [...]

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    Putting Science in Action in Swaziland

    T.H. Culhane and Scientific American Science in Action winners and Google Science Fair finalists during a Hangout in Swaziland.

    In 2012, the Scientific American Science in Action award became part of Google Science Fair. Last month, one of the judges for both, T.H. Culhane, traveled to Swaziland to work with our 2012 winners as well as another finalist and more; we had a Swaziland Hangout during the visit. Now I’m thrilled to bring to [...]

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    Quantum Short 2014 Film Contest Accepting Entries

    When the 2008 Bond film came out with the title Quantum of Solace, science fans may have been hoping for a plot that hinged on quantum physics. Bond didn’t deliver, but there are some pretty great quantum-inspired movies out there. And soon there’ll be a few more. The Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National [...]

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    A Hangout with Google Science Fair in Swaziland

    Left to right: Sakhiwe Shongwe, TH Culhane, Bonkhe Mahlalela, Rohit Fenn, Bayinda, Amit Fenn in Swaziland. Credit: YouTube

    You know what’s awesome? Seeing a bunch of young people at work on changing the world to make it a better place for all. Today, I hosted a Google Science Fair Hangout On Air on Sustainability in Swaziland, and I got to have that privilege. Now I want to share it with you. My fellow [...]

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