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    From the editorial staff of Scientific American, this blog delivers a behind the scenes look at new product launches, events, site enhancements and editorial improvements.

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  • Scientific American Editor Testifies at U.S. Senate

    Mariette DiChristina

    At a hearing on the future of federal research investment, a science magazine editor and three noted scientists asked the U.S. Senate to support basic research

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    Meet the Voices of Science

    “I’m good now, Mariette. Are you good?” I was. It was a Sunday morning in October 2013, and Danielle Lee, author of The Urban Scientist blog on Scientific American’s network, and I were talking about the future. Since I became editor in chief in December 2009, the team and I had been focusing on what [...]

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    Thank You, Guest Editor LeVar Burton

    Image credit: Reading Rainbow

    We at Scientific American share several passions with the actor, producer and educator LeVar Burton: fostering children’s literacy, science, social good and education. And, of course, Star Trek. So perhaps it’s only natural that this past Wednesday we welcomed Burton as our Guest Editor for the day. Burton conducted a “site takeover”—making story assignments, deciding [...]

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    Star Trek’s LeVar Burton to Be Scientific American Guest Web Editor June 11

    LeVar Burton

    NuqneH! Buy’ ngop! That’s “greetings” and “good news” in Klingon. These otherworldly tidings seem like a fitting way to let you know that LeVar Burton, who played the U.S.S. Enterprise’s chief engineer Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be guest editor of Scientific American’s Web site on Wednesday, June 11. Burton [...]

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    Kid Scientists Make Real Fossil Finds at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

    Kids searching for fossils using SharkFinder kits at Scientific American's booth at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

    Kids searching for fossils using SharkFinder kits at Scientific American’s booth at the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Credit: Jason Osborne Jason Osborne was trying to grab a quick lunch away from the crowds when his wife called his cellphone. “Jason, you’ve got to come see this boy at the booth. He’s amazing!” When Osborne, [...]

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    Scientific American at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

    I’ll write a fuller post about the amazing things that kids are doing at Scientific American’s booth 1311 at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, but I wanted to share the short video below. In it, you’ll meet the festival’s co-founders, Larry Bock and Ray O. Johnson of Lockheed Martin (which itself has a booth [...]

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    Know Another Language? Help Us Globalize Science by Translating Our Video Captions

    Ever wonder what the wave function is? Or what the differences are between genes, chromosomes and DNA? Or why chimps are stronger than humans? We’ve tackled these and many other questions with our Instant Egghead video explainer series. Such questions are universal, and we know many people who don’t speak English would love the chance [...]

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    Astrophysics, Citizen Science and the Google Science Fair

    Chris Lintott, astrophysicist of Oxford University and founder of The Zooniverse. Credit: YouTube

    Find out why Oxford University astrophysicist and founder of The Zooniverse Chris Lintott believes that humanity’s ability to be “deliciously distractable” is a creative engine powering the benefits of citizen science for discovery–and how, if you are a researcher, you might like to “play with your phyiscs.” With Google Student Ambassador Hanne Paine, we had [...]

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    Curious about Professional Learning? N.Y.U. Is Offering 2 Webinars to Demo a Course

    We’ve received some questions about the Professional Learning online courses offered by Scientific American and N.Y.U. Polytechnic School of Engineering. In response, our partners at N.Y.U. are holding two informational Webinar sessions where experts will provide a guided tour of the interface and answer any questions you have. Click on one of the links below [...]

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    Google Science Fair Hangout On-Air: Meet the Deep-Sea-Diving Exosuit

    Vincent Pieribone, John Sparks, Exosuit and Mariette DiChristina. Credit: YouTube

    Scientists studying marine life now have a new tool in a next-generation atmospheric diving system called the Exosuit. The suit–which looks like something an astronaut would wear and is on display at the American Museum of Natural History until March 5–lets a diver descend to 1,000 feet at surface pressure for several hours. As part [...]

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