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Science at the Olympics? Our First E-Book Can Explain

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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Scientific American, The Science of Sports: Winning in the Olympics, eBookThe Olympics is the world’s greatest athletic event. Men and women run, swim, dive, lift, vault, serve, swing, kick and play against one another until a champion is crowned, in sport after sport. But what separates each champion from his or her competitors, who are all elite athletes themselves?

To answer that and many other questions, Scientific American is introducing its first eBook, The Science of Sports: Winning in the Olympics. It has more than 30 chapters organized into eight sections that reveal the science—and some scandal—behind athletic achievement. It explores the psychology of what’s going on inside a champion’s mind during training and competition, explains cutting edge therapies that can prevent and repair injuries, reveals the genes, hormones and brain structures that allow certain individuals to push human limits, and looks at the cat-and-mouse games that are sometimes played between athletes who are trying to cheat with drugs and officials who are trying to catch them. The eBook also presents a final section of advice—for all of us—on how to be fit and healthy. Having organized the book, I can say that some of the insights in that section alone were surprising.

The eBook is available in a variety of formats, including those for the Kindle from Amazon, the iBook from Apple, the Nook from Barnes & Noble, and the Reader from Sony. Let us know what you think. And if you have an idea for another eBook, tell us that, too; hearing from the world’s science enthusiasts makes us a better team.

Mark Fischetti About the Author: Mark Fischetti is a senior editor at Scientific American who covers energy, environment and sustainability issues. Follow on Twitter @markfischetti.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. Trent1492 5:00 pm 07/16/2012

    I am interested, but you provide no link for the Nook edition and a search of Barnes and Noble gives nil results.

    Link to this
  2. 2. surprises aplenty 7:05 pm 07/16/2012

    Amazon tells me that the book is “Not currently available” but that it was published on July 13th.

    Link to this
  3. 3. scientific earthling 12:23 am 07/17/2012

    Racing is an indulgence of immature shallow minds.

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  4. 4. mfischetti 10:48 am 07/17/2012

    Trent1492, surprises aplenty…a few of the sites were a bit slow to finalize, but the Nook edition is live now and all the links (above) seem to be working. Thanks for your interest!

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  5. 5. surprises aplenty 7:53 pm 07/17/2012

    I live in South Korea and my Kindle is registered for Canada, if that matters. Whatever the case, the book is still (Morning of July 18 in Korea) “Not currently available”.

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  6. 6. Diesel67 11:45 pm 07/17/2012

    Kindle link works. Also of interest is Jon Entine’s Taboo:

    Link to this
  7. 7. surprises aplenty 6:14 pm 07/19/2012

    Again, perhaps it is my location, but the Kindle link does not work for me. Boy, after all this complaining, I guess I have to buy it when it becomes available!

    Link to this
  8. 8. Trent1492 3:43 pm 07/20/2012

    Bought it. This will go will with the extra $$ I am spending for viewing on the T.V.

    Link to this
  9. 9. lizofbracknell 4:41 am 07/28/2012

    No dispute that the kindle link works! Of course it does. It takes one to the Amazon page for the book, but then it says that the book is not currently available. Doesn’t give pricing information either! Disappointing. Is this an amazon problem? Or a UK reader problem?

    Link to this
  10. 10. lizofbracknell 4:56 am 07/28/2012

    Hmm. UK readers not able to buy from Tried to find the book on and it is not there. Head >> Wall

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