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    From the editorial staff of Scientific American, this blog delivers a behind the scenes look at new product launches, events, site enhancements and editorial improvements.

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  • Know Another Language? Help Us Globalize Science by Translating Our Video Captions

    Ever wonder what the wave function is? Or what the differences are between genes, chromosomes and DNA? Or why chimps are stronger than humans? We’ve tackled these and many other questions with our Instant Egghead video explainer series. Such questions are universal, and we know many people who don’t speak English would love the chance [...]

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    Astrophysics, Citizen Science and the Google Science Fair

    Chris Lintott, astrophysicist of Oxford University and founder of The Zooniverse. Credit: YouTube

    Find out why Oxford University astrophysicist and founder of The Zooniverse Chris Lintott believes that humanity’s ability to be “deliciously distractable” is a creative engine powering the benefits of citizen science for discovery–and how, if you are a researcher, you might like to “play with your phyiscs.” With Google Student Ambassador Hanne Paine, we had [...]

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    Curious about Professional Learning? N.Y.U. Is Offering 2 Webinars to Demo a Course

    We’ve received some questions about the Professional Learning online courses offered by Scientific American and N.Y.U. Polytechnic School of Engineering. In response, our partners at N.Y.U. are holding two informational Webinar sessions where experts will provide a guided tour of the interface and answer any questions you have. Click on one of the links below [...]

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    Google Science Fair Hangout On-Air: Meet the Deep-Sea-Diving Exosuit

    Vincent Pieribone, John Sparks, Exosuit and Mariette DiChristina. Credit: YouTube

    Scientists studying marine life now have a new tool in a next-generation atmospheric diving system called the Exosuit. The suit–which looks like something an astronaut would wear and is on display at the American Museum of Natural History until March 5–lets a diver descend to 1,000 feet at surface pressure for several hours. As part [...]

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    Scientific American Science in Action in Swaziland

    Sakhiwe Shongwe (left center, in green sweater), Bonkhe Mahlalela (right center, in green sweater) and local farmers in Swaziland.

    We judges and others who work on the Google Science Fair believe that kids have the power to change the world. The $50,000 Scientific American Science in Action Award recognizes a particular type of change—one that focuses on making a practical difference by addressing an environmental, health or resources challenge. (For more on the award [...]

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    Professional Learning with Scientific American and N.Y.U. Polytechnic


    “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death,” said the famous physicist Albert Einstein—and one of the 150-plus Nobel Prize-winning scientists who has authored a feature article in Scientific American. If you feel inspired by Einstein’s drive for lifelong learning, you may like to know you have some support in the new [...]

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    Scientific American at the World Economic Forum in Davos [Video]

    Mariette DiChristina at World Economic forum

    Since 1845, Scientific American has covered the innovations that sit at the nexus of science, business and policy. In its early years, as the Industrial Revolution swept across the U.S., our pages were rife with the focus and expectation that human’s inventiveness would ease humankind’s labors and improve the world. Today, with a global population [...]

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    Winner of The Quantum Shorts 2013: The Knight of Infinity

    Credit: Timothy Yeo / CQT, National University of Singapore

    Quantum mechanics—operating at atom-size scales—is so odd in so many ways that even Einstein despairingly said of it that “God does not play dice with the world.” Now this stranger-than-fiction discipline has inspired some first-class narrative thrills, including the winner of The Quantum Shorts 2013 competition in the International category, decided by the judges, and [...]

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    Instant Egghead Cracks Up [Video]


    If you haven’t seen it before, “Instant Egghead” is Scientific American’s ongoing series of short and (hopefully) entertaining explainer videos. Each episode features a Scientific American editor or contributor expounding on topics ranging from particle physics to the environment to weird bodily phenomena. As Instant Egghead‘s producer, I had an important decision to make when [...]

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    Seeing the Future through Tech-Colored (Google) Glass

    Google Glass on Mariette DiChristina, editor in chief, Scientific American

    Larry Page has said that, when he wears Google Glass, the wearable electronics that rests on the bridge of your nose like a pair of spectacles, he feels like he’s seeing the future. After I picked up Glass myself recently, I now know what he means. As a speaker and attendee of the recent Google [...]

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