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The Artful Amoeba

Solving a Winemaker’s Dilemma With Wild Yeast


Have you noticed that wine seems to be packing more punch? Well, it’s not your imagination. Over the past 20 years, wine really has been getting stronger for some reasons that may surprise you. And it’s not a phenomenon that vintners are happy about. They would like to get those alcohol levels down. As a [...]

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Food Matters

Flour Power: Exploring the Nutritional Potential of Grape Pomace Flour

Beauty that is skin deep: The richly hued pomace is separated, then the skins and seeds are dried and sent to a miller to be turned into flour.

“Leftovers” isn’t exactly the first thing I think of when it comes to wine, but fortunately it’s something Barbara Banke and Peggy Furth, founders of Whole Vine, considered. Their whole vine concept uses the parts of the vineyard left over from wine–the seeds and skins–to create 16 different varieties of flour based on the different [...]

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Food Matters

Tannosomes and the trickle-around effect: a new cell organelle is discovered


Last week, when French researchers unveiled a newly discovered plant organelle related to wine and tea, I waited for frenetic coverage. And waited. Only a few obscure wine websites covered the news. When I contacted the study co-author, Jean-Marc Brillouet of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), he immediately put me in touch [...]

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