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The Artful Amoeba

Pesky Glaciers and Differing Geography Forced Faster Conifer Evolution in Northern Hemisphere


Southern conifer species have had it easy over the past 65 million years — especially compared to their hard-knock northern kin. Unlike their Southern Hemisphere cousins, whose northward-drifting continents continued to host stable habitats with cozy, Club-Med like conditions similar to those in which these conifers evolved, northern hemisphere conifer species were forced to cope [...]

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Life, Unbounded

Astrobiology Roundup

The Ghost of Astrobiology Past

The range of topics relevant to astrobiology is pretty staggering – from microbial populations, chemistry, geo-chemistry, geobiology, climate, non-linear systems, solar system exploration, robotics, planetary science, exoplanets, astrophysics, and even cosmology. I often call astrobiology an ‘inter-discipline‘, since so much of it is about the connecting threads, the metaphorical synapses between highly specialized areas of [...]

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