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The Artful Amoeba

In Darkened Forests, Ferns Stole Gene From an Unlikely Source — and Then From Each Other


Scientists knew neochrome was odd before they started rooting around in its family tree. A union of independent proteins — red-sensing phytochrome and blue-sensing phototropin — the super-protein combines two already-great pieces into one fantastic whole that helps plants grow toward dim, filtered light. It’s a slick little adaptation for living on the murky forest [...]

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Food Matters

Microbial sex and not sex – Passing genes around the dinner table


As mammals, I think we sometimes take sex for granted. I’m not talking about the frequently messy act of having sex, or the extensive effort most of us go through in order to have sex. I’m talking about the fact that sexual reproduction gives rise to some pretty impressive genetic diversity in a population. But [...]

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