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The Artful Amoeba

Grasses’ Secret: They Have Flowers, and Some Are Gorgeous


Growing up, I felt certain that grass and most trees did not have flowers. They just had leaves and seeds — that was all I could see, anyway. It wasn’t until college that my eyes were opened. Not only do all trees except conifers and tree ferns have flowers, so do all grasses. All of [...]

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The Artful Amoeba

Proteas: The Most Beautiful and Abundant Flowers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


It’s Independence Day here in the United States, and in celebration, today I bring you a short post about some flowers that grow nowhere in the wild in America — but beautifully resemble certain patriotic displays that are currently banned nearly everywhere here in Colorado due to extreme fire danger. In desperation, many out here [...]

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Culturing Science

Warming Gives Us One More Month of Flowers in the Rockies

Few-flowered shooting star (Dodecatheon pulchellum) has had its whole schedule pushed 12 days earlier—first, peak, and last blooms. Photo by Thayne Tuason. CC BY-NC 2.0

No matter the temperature, I don’t consider it to be really spring until I spot the first spring beauties of the year. These sweet whitish/pinkish mid-Atlantic florets (Claytonia virginica) are among the first to stretch out of the mud and leaf litter to add a spritely touch to an otherwise brown woodscape. When I see [...]

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Food Matters

This Valentine’s day: Have your roses and eat them too


Valentine’s day is filled with the smell of roses and the taste of chocolate. But what about the smell of roses and the taste of … roses? If your date plays it cheap today and says your roses are to smell and eat, you wouldn’t be the first one to eat a flower. A number [...]

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Bumblebees Quickly Learn Best Paths to Sweet Flowers

bumblebees learn shortest routes to flowers

Bumblebees, it turns out, don’t bumble. Using tiny radar tracking devices, motion-activated cameras and artificial flowers, scientists have learned how the bees themselves quickly learn the best routes to take when they go foraging from flower to flower. In fact, their cognitive competence in this area seems to match that of bigger-brained animals. A team [...]

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