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The Artful Amoeba

Solar-Powered Plankton Take Monty Python Advice: Run Away


At least gazelles can run. But if you’re a tree, a blade of grass, or a hapless kohlrabi, there’s nothing you can do when the choppers, nippers, or clippers of your predator — aka “grazer” — approach. Such is the fate of most photosynthetic organisms, which we landlubbers tend to think of as plants. But [...]

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The Ocelloid

The protists and I are back — bringing cells, evolution and fossils!

A Paramecium cell with DNA in blue and prey E.coli bacteria in red and green.

And we’re back! The protists have never actually left, but some of us have pursued them (or rather, employment related to them) all the way into the cornfields of Indiana*. Apologies for the disappearance: I think it’s more precise to say that I clumsily tumbled here in August (still a bit dazed), rather than having [...]

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