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The Artful Amoeba

Lone Survivor? Weird New Animal May Be Long Sought Living Ediacaran


It’s not every day a new animal is discovered that could shake up the roots of animal taxonomy and simultaneously form its own new phylum, the top classification in the Animal Kingdom, but today is such a day. The new animals – Dendrogramma enigmatica and Dengrogramma discoides – are not yet certain to represent a [...]

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The Artful Amoeba

Funnel-Shaped Animals Invented Reefs Prior to Cambrian Explosion

Ediacaran reef Penny et al 2014 Fig 2 closeup_200

Scientists have long thought of the Cambrian Explosion 541 million years ago as the flowering of complex life on Earth. Strangely shaped, large soft-bodied organisms were known to have lived in the period just prior — the Ediacaran — but they made few hard parts and scientists have debated whether any or how many were [...]

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