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The Artful Amoeba

In Darkened Forests, Ferns Stole Gene From an Unlikely Source — and Then From Each Other


Scientists knew neochrome was odd before they started rooting around in its family tree. A union of independent proteins — red-sensing phytochrome and blue-sensing phototropin — the super-protein combines two already-great pieces into one fantastic whole that helps plants grow toward dim, filtered light. It’s a slick little adaptation for living on the murky forest [...]

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The Artful Amoeba

Mosses Make Two Different Plants From the Same Genome, and a Single Gene Can Make the Difference

Mosses_on_a_tombstone_wiki_cc_ ndrwfgg_200

One of the most astonishing secrets in biology is this: every plant you see makes two different plants from the same genome. And, scientists recently reported, a single gene from an ancient, powerful lineage can make the difference. How can such a truth be so little known? In most land plants, including conifers and flowering [...]

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