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Anthropology in Practice

This Is Your Brain on Disney

I’ve only been to Disney World once. A few years ago, S and I went for the first time and while I may go back, I’m definitely still recovering. Disney marketing isn’t kidding when they say it’s the happiest/most magical place on earth—it’s intense. And the experience stays with you. The promise of the experience [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Tourists Are Giving Endangered Iguanas Diarrhea and High Cholesterol

iguana grape

Hop on over to the photo-sharing site Flickr and you’ll find dozens of photos and videos of people eagerly feeding grapes to hungry iguanas on the beaches of the Bahamas. It looks like great fun and the iguanas obviously go crazy for the fruit, which is usually fed to the lizards on the ends of [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Ecotourism Does Not Overly Stress Orangutans, Study Finds


What can poop tell us about orangutans? Well, for one thing, a study of wild orangutan feces has revealed that these great apes, unlike some other species, are not chronically stressed by ecotourism. Scat shows no scare in a study, published March 15 in PLoS One, that analyzed fecal glucocorticoid metabolite (fGM) levels of Bornean [...]

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Plugged In

Top 10 (Transport) Sights in Paris

Image courtesy: Kathleen Sullivan

Few tourists travel explicitly to see a city’s or country’s mode of transportation, but I dare say that besides transport nerds such as myself, there are examples which qualify as must-see, including Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed train, Lisbon’s old tram system, and the streetcars of New Orleans, among others. While Paris is most recently known for [...]

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