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Anthropology in Practice

Fooling Ourselves: The Everyday Role of Ritual


April Fools’ Day is not unique to Western cultures. People all over the world and all throughout history have celebrated the coming of Spring with festivals of deception and lightheartedness. In this spirit, all this week, we’ll explore themes of magic, fraud, and trickery. Today is Opening Day for the New York Mets. Like other [...]

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Anthropology in Practice

The Return of Persephone and Other Rites of Transition

Botticelli's Primavera. | Public domain. Click on image for license and information.

On March 20th, 2012 at 1:14 AM EST the vernal equinox occurred. It actually may have occurred on March 19th depending on where you are, but still, allow me to wish you a very Happy Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! (And an equally Happy Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.) The March equinox marks the moment [...]

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Plugged In

Spring’s First Harvest: local organic produce

Rise ‘N Shine Farm’s first bounty of the year   Spring is here, and with it the first harvest of the season. It’s my family’s second year belonging to a CSA. This time around we chose a farm with a drop off site much closer to home. Our produce now comes from Rise ‘N Shine Organic Farm, [...]

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Not Your Granny’s Mothballs


Spring traditions range from the ridiculous to the sublime, from balancing an egg on its end to the scrubbing and purging of spring cleaning. I, for one, will forever associate the smell of mothballs with grandma’s annual spring purge. But here’s a take on moth balls you may not have considered. Fiber artist Claire Moynihan [...]

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